Did someone just tell you that you should get pine slivers for your hardwood flooring? Of course, if you have hardwood flooring, then the chances are that you will run into a problem that will require you to go for slivers. What are these and what kind of problem do they solve?

What Pine Slivers Do

These are thin wedges made from wood that you will use to fill the gaps that develop in your hardwood flooring overtime. The thin wedges are long pieces of wood that you can cut to the size you require. Since they are in the wedge shape, it is easy to push them into the gaps. After that, you simply hammer them from behind to fill the gap. Whatever small piece of the sliver is left hanging out of the floor can then be sanded or cut.

At the end of the day, these slivers provide your hardwood flooring with the finish that makes it look great. In addition to that, it practically reinforces the whole flooring structure. Last but not least, it makes cleaning a no-hassle task.

Let Professionals Do It for You

Yes, there is a huge benefit of installing pine slivers in your hardwood flooring. However, you should let professionals do it for you. Firstly, you will find it hard to install them. Secondly, you will have to measure everything in detail. Thirdly, hammering them, gluing them, and inserting them in a way that you don’t shift other floorboards can be difficult.

Someone who has not done the job professionally may end up doing more damage than good. That’s why, it is highly recommended that you call professionals for installing pine slivers in your hardwood floor. They will install them the right way and might also provide you with some tips on how you can keep your floor intact for years.